The Town of Hampstead provides snow plowing services for Town Roads.  Our Department of Public Works monitors incoming weather systems closely and prepares and clears our roads as quickly as possible.

Please keep the following in mind before and during snow events:
  • Our plow drivers are plowing the entire Town and cannot plow your driveway. 
  • Please understand when we plow streets clear of snow we try to be sensitive to your freshly-cleared driveway but there are times when a berm is produced and blocking is unavoidable. We apologize if this happens and regret the inconvenience.
  • Please do not park in courts, cul-de-sacs, or along streets marked "No Parking" (or where you see a snowflake sign) during snow events...our plows need full access to better clear our Town.

Thank you for your cooperation in keeping Hampstead safe!