Yard Waste Pickup

Yard waste is picked up every Monday from the first Monday in April to the third Monday in December.  

Per Town Code, "yard waste consists of grass clippings, hedge clippings, tree branches smaller than four (4) feet in length and less than two (2) inches in diameter, leaves and other waste as may be generated from a residential gardening operation" (Chapter 73-2, Definitions).  Dirt/soil, animal waste, kitchen waste composting materials are NOT considered yard waste and will not be accepted. 

Branches must be bundled and tied up in arm-full loads.  Lawn clippings, leaves and other yard waste should be placed in brown paper lawn and leaf bags, no plastic bags will be accepted.  Yard waste may also be placed in bins or cans that are clearly labeled "Yard Waste". 

Residents should place yard waste curbside on the Sunday evening before pickup.