Town Code

The ordinances of the Town of Hampstead of a general and permanent nature, adopted by the Mayor and Council of the Town of Hampstead, as revised, codified and consolidated into chapters and sections by General Code Publishers Corp. and consisting of Chapters 1 through 136, are hereby approved, adopted, ordained and enacted as the "Code of the Town of Hampstead," hereinafter known and referred to as the "Code."

The Town Code is available for online viewing by clicking the link provided below.

To search for a specific reference or subject, open the Code by clicking on the link provided below.  Enter the subject or key word in the "Quick Search" box (in the upper right side of the screen).

We have also included a reference document on the zoning regulations for accessory uses within residential districts since this is a frequent enquiry parallel to searches within the Code.
Hampstead Town Code Hampstead Town Code
Accessory Uses, Buildings and Structures Everything you need to know about fences, decks, sheds, pools and more!