Hampstead Train Station

About the Train Station
The Hampstead Train Station Committee, Inc. (HTSC) is a non-profit corporation that was formed in September 1997 to renovate the Hampstead Train Station.  The HTSC is made up of  volunteers who worked for over seven years to renovate the train station depot and continue to work to provide a museum and visitor’s center that showcases the history of Hampstead and how the train station played a part in the development of the town and the surrounding area. 
The HTSC raised thousands of dollars to complete the renovation and still owes on a loan.  The museum and visitor’s center sells items in its gift shop to help pay for the upkeep and to retire the loan.  Donations are always welcome.
The Hampstead Train Station was originally constructed in 1912 on the Western Maryland Railway Line and served Hampstead and the surrounding area as a passenger and freight station until the late 1960’s.  Until the modern roadway system was constructed, the railroad was the best method of transporting farm goods to Baltimore and to bring manufactured goods from Baltimore to Hampstead.  Log books found in the station chronicle every item that was received and shipped from the station. 
The theme of the museum showcases the role played by the Hampstead Train Station in the development of the Town and how the town depended on the railroad for its supplies and dry goods.  The visitor’s center sells everything Hampstead; hats, tee shirts, golf shirts, mugs, pens, balloons, whistles, patches, and many other items.   The railroad depot is located at 4035 Gill Avenue in Hampstead Maryland.
Visit the Station
The museum and visitor’s center is open on Saturdays from late May to late October from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. We are also open by appointment.
If you are having a get together and would like an interesting place for your meeting or party, we rent the museum for a donation to our fund.  Contact us for more information.
Contact Us
Telephone:  (410) 374-9397
Email:  waynehthomas@qis.net