The Department of Public Works operates the Town's water system. If you have a water emergency between the hours of 7:00 AM and 3:00 PM, please call the Department of Public Works at 410-239-6659.

After hours, please call our emergency line at 443-639-2448.

All contractors must contact the Department of Public Works for information on connecting to the Town water system. Impact fees must be paid in full at the Town Office before a connection is completed. It is a violation of the Town Code to tamper with any connections.

The Town bills water quarterly on March 31, June 30, September 30 and December 31. Water bills are based on consumption. Rates are listed below, effective July 1, 2023.

0-5,000 Gallons
$49.46 Flat Fee
5,001-20,000 Gallons
  $5.97 per thousand
20,001-40,000 Gallons
$8.51 per thousand
40,001-100,000 Gallons
$9.07 per thousand

100,000-250,000 Gallons

  $9.73 per thousand
250,001-500,000 Gallons
$10.22 per thousand

500,000-1,000,000 Gallons

  $10.69 per thousand
1,000,000+ Gallons
$11.46 per thousand

There is a minimum charge of $49.46, even if there is 0 consumption (and even if the water is turned off). After the first 5,000 gallons, the rates increase per thousand incrementally as depicted in the rate chart above.

Outside of the incorporated Town limits, the water rate is two times the above published rates.

Payment is expected within 30 days of the billing date.  If payment is not received within that period, there is a $25.00 late fee or 10% on the outstanding balance (whichever is greater). Failure to pay in a timely manner could result in water disconnection.  There is a $75.00 reconnection fee.
Billing Questions Checklist: If you have a question about your water bill, there are several things you should consider before calling the Town Office:
 If there is a significant increase, you could have a leak.
  • Keep past bills so you can compare your usage from billing period to billing period.
  • Have your account number ready.
  • Keep in mind that your September bill will probably be higher than your June bill because it covers the summer months when you are washing cars and watering lawns and flowers.
Payment Plans for Financial Difficulty:  If you are having financial difficulties, please call the Town Office immediately to set up a payment plan.  Do not wait until the day of water shut off to call us.  We are very willing to work out a payment schedule with you.  We may request that you provide documentation to verify financial hardship.  We also will set up the payment plan so the bill is paid in full before the next billing period.
LEAKS:  The Hampstead Department of Public Works monitors water levels daily and has technology to find leaks, but we still need your help. If you spot a leak, please let us know immediately by calling Town Office at (410) 239-7408. (If there is a large leak necessitating a water emergency, please call the Water Emergency number at 443-639-2448.)  For more information, see Water Leaks.
Water Leak Credit Policy*: If you experience a water leak and have had it repaired you may request consideration for a credit on your water bill. You must provide the Town with a receipt from a plumber indicating that there was a leak and that it has been repaired; if you repaired the leak yourself you must provide the Town with a receipt for parts purchased for the repair.  The Town will review such factors as the average of your last four quarters' water consumption as well as the expediency of the repair.  Note:  All requests for credit consideration MUST be presented within the same quarter in which the leak occurred.
*Effective November 1, 2014, the Town of Hampstead revised its water leak credit policy to consider a courtesy credit for a repaired water leak only once every two (2) years.  The policy change is a result of thousands of dollars in lost water revenue from granting credits for water leak repairs.  This policy has been enacted in order to keep the costs of our water at a reasonable price for all residents.