Water Leaks

The Hampstead Department of Public Works monitors water levels daily and has technology to find leaks, but we still need your help.

If you spot a leak, please let us know immediately by calling Town Office at 410-239-7408.

(If there is a large leak necessitating a water emergency, please call the Water Emergency number at 443-639-2448.)

What to do if you suspect a water leak...

Please supply the following information:

  • Location of the leak
  • Type of leak (a pool of water, a trickle down the street, trickling or humming noises from water pipes in a home when water is not being used, a flowing stream, a fountain gusher)
  • Your contact details (we only require these in case we need to call you back)

Things to know before reporting a leak…

What is a leak?

A leak can mean a burst water main, water escaping from a water supply pipe, or a leaking valve or hydrant. Bursts and leaks can be anything from a small patch of water to something that looks like a fountain.

What isn't a leak?

Water that's standing still which appears after heavy rainfall or water that collects over a drain after rain are typically not leaks. Feel free to call us though if you're unsure.

Please contact us at Town Office at (410) 239-7408 or the Department of Public Works at (410) 239-6659. We can assist you in investigating the source and recommend local plumbers if a plumber is necessary.